Property Tax/Payroll Clerk



The City of Donalsonville has available a full-time position opening for a Property Tax/Payroll Clerk in City Hall. This is a career position with full City benefits.

Duties of the job: The Property Tax/Payroll Clerk is responsible for the City’s Payroll and Property Tax accounting operations. This entails entering weekly City Payroll data into the computerized payroll system of the City, processing property tax payments, preparing delinquent notices for property taxes, as well as collecting and accounting for revenues received and making deposits. This person also must receive account deposits, issue work orders, account for uncollected revenues, and generate and pursue delinquent customer account lists. This person must be able to answer the telephone, along with the City-wide Radio system, and supply the information being requested or transfer/transmit the message to the appropriate recipient. In addition, this employee is responsible for making various state related reports regarding Property Taxes and Payroll of the City of Donalsonville. This employee performs numerous other duties as assigned.

Qualification: The successful applicant for this position must be a high school graduate with additional training received in conjunction with post high school employment experience, or else an individual with at least a two-year degree in accounting or business from recognized institution of higher learning. Some additional experience is desired. This employee will need to be very competent in the use of computers, and capable of learning to operate the City’s computerized accounting programs for the utility departments. This employee must be able to meet and work well with the public and write and speak fluently. The successful applicant will be required to undergo a complete personal history and background investigation. This employee is also subject to post-employment substance abuse testing and random drug testing.

Applications: Qualified individuals wishing to apply for this position may obtain from and return an application to:
Donalsonville City Hall
127 E. 2nd Street/
PO BOX 308
Donalsonville, GA 39845

Applications may also be downloaded at

For questions, call (229)524-2118 ext. 107.
Position is open until filled by a qualified individual.


The City of Donalsonville is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring practices.