The Olive Theatre

The Olive Theatre offers a diverse range of performances, from the award winning One-Act Play, to plays written by local aritists.  The Olive Theatre has something for everyone.


Located in the Heart of Downtown Donasonville!



The Olive Theatre
Woolfork Ave
Donalsonville, GA
(229) 524-8209

Upcoming Events

Donalsonville Downtown Development Authority

Meets the First MONDAY of each month at 5:00 PM

in the City Hall Annex.

CITY OF DONALSONVILLE, SEMINOLE COUNTY GEORGIA E-Verify Number HSHI9559 Authorization Date 05/11/2011

Seminole County Code Red Weather Warning


Seminole County is now partnering with CODE RED

for the public notification during severe storms and

other emergencies. Calls will NO longer go out to

the entire county. Citizens must register with Code Red

to continue to receive these notices. Please register online

or call 229-524-5115.